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User Help Manual. FAQ. (sorted by topics)

Contact us through our online form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

If you're single and looking to meet up with toyboys or beautiful older women? simply fill our our registration form and in a few minutes start getting in touch with lots of like minded members.

Creating an interesting in thoughtout profile for yourself is key to your success on Toyboy Connection. Try to be quicky and humerous - and include information that ill make you stand out from the crowd. 

Check your account, status and manage your main profile settings here. Your account page will show you your options on site alerts and memberships.

Upload more photos to personalize your profile and show yourself as you are. We all know that it's better to see a photo then to just read about a person. So don't be shy… add some more photos!

Here are a few bits of information about how to contact other members on the site and also some of the tricks and features the site provides in this area. 

Use our searches to meet the right people, who share the criteria of what you're looking for in a prtner. 

Some people don't believe in it but - a lot of people find Horoscopes spookily correct when it comes to predicting whats going on in their lives. 

the chat room is s great place to meet other members, get to know the Toyboy Connection Community and most imnportantly have a lot of fun! 


Private Instant Messenger chats are live one to one talks that allow you get to know each other more without giving your personal details away straight away.

Sending messages to other members is what making a success of toyboy Connection is all about. The more you send the more likely you will find the right person! 

Send different type of flirty kisses to the members you like as a way to show your interested. It a way of showing a bit of attention without going full on and sending an email or Instant Message. So don't be shy and send some kisses with special messages to people you like!

E-Cards allow you to send interesting 'virtual cards and messages' whether its someones birthday, Christmas or just for fun, its a nice way to say hi!

We're serious about your security. We also want to be sure you understand terms of conduct on a site.

Create your lists of favorite users, add there your friends to follow their activities and communicate with them faster and easier!

Follow the daily Toyboy News with us! Sign up for news alerts and check what's new in the world of Toyboy Dating!

If you would like to temporarily suspend your profile on Toyboy Connection then just go to 'Account Settings' and choose the 'hide my profile' link. when clicked your profile will be taken off the site searches so you no longer are available for people to find. All your profile info is saved so when you're ready to come back on - simply click on the same link and your profile will automatically be activated!

If you would like to cancel your profile pls just go to the 'contact us' form on the bottom of the page and tell us you would like your profile deleting, dont forget to include your username and password or we will be unable to delete it. If you would like to just take your profile off the site but would like to be able to come back on at some point in the future, simply go to the 'Account Settings' button and click on the link called 'hide my profile' you will be removed from the site but you can always come back when you would like to return and your profile info will be asaved. To re-activate your profile simple click on the same link and you will be back to a normal profile!

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