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Username: trish
Introduction: Give to me ur leather, take from me my lace...
Age: 35
Gender: Female (Single)
Location: United States
Why are you on Older Women Dating Club?: Chemistry and maybe more
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Marital Status: Single
Ethnic origin: Caucasian (white)
Smoking Habits: Yes, regularly
Body type: Curvy
Hair Colour: Red
Drinking habits: Just socially
Education: University Of Life
Bit Of Background On Me
I'm in love with life, so u must at least want to live this way... I can show you how. I'm a hardworking woman that owns my coolness, as u must... I the kindA lady who needs a prettyBoy... The type who's proud to primp, and likes to watch me primp more... I'll never notice u, so good luck gettN my attention... I'll never ask for ur time, I hope for ur sake I'm available to u. I'm quite the classy poetess, if u qualify I'll even sing 2ya... LookN to find a man to enjoy making plans with...
What am i looking for in a partner
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